1955 Chieftain 2Dr Strato Streak
287 CID 4 BBL
Car was stored outside, unfortunately on grass with a tarp over it. The bottom is rusted out. I believe that it has the Hydramatic transmission.
It has low mileage and discontinued from driving as it needs a front end rebuild.

The engine will turn over and has clean oil in it without evidence of water contamination. Rear axle, transmission and engine are, I believe, rebuildable. Strato Streak hood strips, headlight eyebrows and upper rear fin strips would require a re-chrome.
I also have the SS side & window trim and rear window. The arm rests aren't too bad, the Delta is on the hood.
Although the chrome is flaking badly on the steering wheel centerpiece the Chieftain Head is bright and shiny gold. The power steering letters and background are good. Cap is pretty clear and the wipers are in good shape and may be original.

Windshield is cracked. Door handles and bumpers appear salvageable.